Superkart family

How are you and the family, Ok I hope.
Unfortunately the operation I had on my spine (back) in Germany was only a temporary measure to keep the bones in place but even though they did a fantastic job with the 3 operations
They did say I would need a more permanent operation on my back when I got back to the UK.
I went to the hospital last week for an inspection and when they looked at the X-ray and assessed the damage they booked me in for an operation this Thursday !!!!
They are going to totally remove section 12 from my spinend attempt to replace with a titanium cage and surround with bone from my pelvis and my ribs, Ouch sounds painful !!!!!!
I wont know how long I will be in hospital as it is a big operation as the surgeons have to go in from the chest area (front). Oh well I need to get them all out of the way so I can buy
A new chassis and get back on the track and finish off what I set out to do and finish in the top 5 of the series ( ha ha ha !!! )
I do think Oschersleben will be impossible but providing I am out of hospital and well enough to travel I will be at Cadwell !!!!
Oh and I forgot to say thankyou for the get well card it was overwhelming.
I really do miss you all it’s like being away from my family, would you please pass my regards on to everyone in the series it’s driving me crazy being away and I cant wait to see you all.




I also liked the high class life. Mercedes, Limozine, BMW’s, I liked luxury items especially. However I knew that it might be more difficult to buy the items myself. If I made it part of my business to be a luxury limo driver, then I would be surrounded by the items every single day.

You can only imagine the feeling of happiness when I decided to start my own limo business, actually in the major city of Stuttgart. This is one of the major business cities of Europe, there are many important people here from all over Europe.

To this day I am still a huge fan of luxury cars. I read magazine on luxury cars and often go to exhibitions to see luxury cars. The feeling of owing a luxury brand is truly magnicificant. Sometime I can’t explain it. This Forbes article explains exactly why people buy luxury cars.

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